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Father McDonald Class of 1977

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Summer 2008

Here are Grade 1 Pius XII and Grades 3 & 5 from Immaculata.  Check out the faces...I don't remember all the names but you will see Mark Glazer, Ken Connors, Fernande Tapp, Cathy Sheridan, Mike Adamowicz, Joanne Dolbec, Bruce Luczak, Brian Soch, Marilyn Murray, Sue MacDougald, Carolyn Hunger, Narja Leiva, Kathleen Carey, Teresa Matthews, Maria Caputo, Sandra Carmichael and I think Brendan Cahill and Colleen Cabot among a slew of other faces I know I should recognize but after 35 years give or take....

If you have some names to add, please feel free to E-Mail Steve HERE and I will add them.

From Evelyn Micyk...
Vivian Ferez, Linda Reardon, Brenda Seymour, Karen Beauchesne, Shawna?, Sandra Jean, Manon?, Julie Elder, and myself, Evelyn Micyk

Grade 1 - Pius XII

Grade 3

Grade 5 - Immaculata